Sunday Worship

We offer in-person worship and “limitless  worship” via Zoom.

For Zoom: Send us your email, and we’ll reply with an “invitation” to join worship.

What happens during Sunday worship? 

Worship begins at 10 am. [At this time, we request that you wear your mask.]  You’ll be welcomed by one of our “greeters” and offered a printed program, which has all the information you need, but the service is also on the PowerPoint presentation in the Sanctuary as well. Sometimes the congregation sits during the service, and sometimes we stand.  The minister will let you know; if you don’t want to stand or have problems with standing – no problem. Please feel free to stay seated. Sometimes we all read aloud; sometimes one person reads to us [Info and instructions in the printed program and on the screen]. Singing hymns…right now, because of Covid concerns, we stand and listen, but when health concerns are not an issue, we sing along with our choir.

Is there a program for children?  Children stay with the adults for about 15 minutes at the beginning of the service: our pastor has a few minutes with our “Young and Young at Heart;” then the children leave to go to Sunday School. Check out the “Got a Program for Children?” sections for additional information on Christian Education. During Covid: No in-person worship for children.  We offer a monthly Zoom get together for all our children [check the upcoming events for the next Zoom Sunday School.]

How should I dress? 

Please feel free to dress in your everyday outfit or your “I’m-Going-To-a-Wedding” outfit.  Both are appropriate.  You’ll notice that some folks dress formally; some feel most comfortable in jeans and sneakers.  Our goal is comfort [physical, mental, and spiritual].

What is Communion?

On the first Sunday of every month, we  remember what Jesus did for us: by sacrificing himself, he saved us all.  To remember, we have a portion of the service dedicated to his sacrifice This reminds us of the gift we have been given by the sacrifice of Jesus .  Before Covid, we would line up in the middle aisle to receive a small piece of bread and then dip it into a cup of either grape juice or wine. At present, our commemoration is a bit different: small self-contained packages with grape juice and wafers are picked up when you enter the church. The minister then indicates to all of us when we should eat our “bread” and when we should drink our “wine.” Again – comfort [physical, mental, spiritual] is important: you are welcome to participate…and it is perfectly ok not to participate in communion.